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 "The most important thing in the world is family and great food!"


FIVE offers an exquisite blend of contemporary Californian and Italian cuisine and features a private wine room, an outdoor dining patio and full bar. The engaging atmosphere and energetic ambience is perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. Fresno restaurant-goers agree that FIVE is one of their favorite places to eat (and drink), and in fact the Fresno chapter of the California Restaurant Association called FIVE “Best Watering Hole” earlier this year.



The LaRocca’s have always been in the restaurant business. Pat’s first job was at his uncle’s restaurant, the original DiCicco’s on Blackstone. In the ‘80s, Pat’s parents opened LaRocca’s, where Pat worked until he opened his own restaurant with his wife Marina in 2005, FIVE, in its current location, on Champlain and Perrin in Fresno. 


Pat is passionate about food and the food service industry, and it’s evident in his exuberance and genuine enjoyment of both his job and his customers. But he’s also passionate about where he lives. Of course, he loves to visit other places, but he told CVLUX, “I love living in Fresno because this city is my true home with my friends, my family and the community who has continued to be so good to me over the years. Fresno will always be home to me—she and I are like a well- worn shoe ... we just fit together perfectly.” Pat’s other passion is his family. He has been married to his wife, Marina, for over 23 years, and the couple has two daughters. When CVLUX asked him what the perfect evening for him would look like, his answer was, “One with all of my family.”

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